Who We Are

The Newbury Church and Almshouse Charity was set up in 1990, replacing two previous charities, The Church Estates Charity and The Church and Childs Almshouse Charity, for the purpose of

  1. Providing low-cost housing for people in need within the Borough of Newbury (RG14)
  2. Providing relief-in-need for non-residents
  3. Providing finance towards the upkeep of the Parish Church of St Nicolas

The 27 almshouses we own are managed on a day-to-day basis by our clerk, who reports to the trustees of the charity.

The trustees meet at least three times a year, when decisions are taken on spending priorities.

The Trustees

The Revd Will Hunter Smart
(Rector, ex-officio, Chairman)

Tania Wolak
(Churchwarden, ex-officio)

Richard Coward
(Churchwarden, ex-officio)

Bob Kennaugh

Darren King

Ian Park

Colin Price

Revd Canon Trevor Maines

Jo Fageant